Sustainability Policy


Karyon Industries Berhad and its wholly-owned subsidiaries (collectively referred to as “KIB” or “the Group”) is a manufacturing Group that specialises in manufacturing of polymeric  products. The scope of this policy covers our business operations and factory practises throughout the Group.



Our efforts to achieve long-term sustainable balance between economic growth, environmental stewardship and social prosperity has culminated in the Group taking active steps to embed sustainability strategies in its manufacturing operations and corporate activities to drive the organisation towards sustainable development.

By focusing this sustainability policy to include the Group’s business operations, we ensure that appropriate sustainability initiatives are applied to key areas that influence our sustainability performance.


The Thrust of Our Sustainability Policy

We showcase our commitment to sustainability by formulating and implementing the following overarching sustainability thrust areas:

  • Continuously support sustainability initiatives applied by the Group’s stakeholders, both in the upstream and downstream channel of our supply chain.
  • Improve resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production, throughout the whole supply chain from design through to operation.
  • Develop new products and enhance our manufacturing processes to include sustainable alternatives to reduce long-term production costs and reduce the consumption of natural resources where possible.
  • Minimise waste production and incorporate recycling practices, including but not limited to energy, water and material usage during manufacturing activities.
  • Develop measures to monitor our impact with respect to Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality performance data, employee development methods, customer satisfaction feedback and our financial performance.
  • Promote philanthropic actions and behaviour amongst the Group’s employees to extend sustainable mind-set to the local community and promote harmonious living.

We believe the success of business sustainability requires a high standard of corporate behaviour and active participation of the stakeholders. The Group will consistently incorporate aspects of sustainability into our core business operations towards achieving sustainable growth and enhance value creation to our shareholders.


Policy Review

The policy will be reviewed and revised as and when necessary to account for any changes in the Group’s business operations to ensure that our stakeholders remain engaged with our sustainability progress in the long run.


Reviewed and approved by the Board on 10 July 2019.