Sustainability Policy

The sustainability policy of the Company is to operate its business to achieve a sustainable long term balance between meeting its strategic goals and social welfare of the community as well as preserving the environment.

The Company takes active steps to embed sustainability strategies in its operations and activities to achieve sustainable economic success while fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities. The strategies undertaken by the Company includes:

  • Minimise the consumption of our natural resources by reducing wastage and promote recycling in all aspects of the Company’s operations including but not limited to energy and materials usage whenever possible;
  • Ongoing and continuing development of new products and methods resulting in greener alternatives and cost reduction. The Company has developed and will continually develop new materials, materials usage and alternative methodologies in its product range and production activities to reduce the Company’s carbon footprint and costs;
  • Promoting welfare of employees and philanthropy in the community. The Board members and indeed the Company as a whole has always adopted a philanthropic attitude towards its employees and participants in the Company’s supply chain as well as the communities within which it operates;
  • Purchase from environmentally sustainable vendors whenever possible.
  • Supporting all sustainability initiatives of the Company’s stakeholders upstream and downstream;

These activities will be maintained and enhanced going forward by engaging all of the Company’s stakeholders and improving efficiencies in all of the activities stated above with a view to developing various robust criteria for measuring the further development of such initiatives in a transparent and accredited manner thereby minimizing costs to the Company’s operations and the environment as a whole.